We welcome you to the official website of Illambazar Gram Panchayat who is the pioneer Gram Panchayat of Birbhum District to launch its own website. A visit through this site will provide the visitor a complete outlook about our Gram Panchayat.

Illambazar Gram Panchayat, a part of Chaupahari Jangal, is one of the largest and populated Gram Panchayats of Illambazar Block under Bolpur Sub-division having a population of 32142. This is a semi-urban Gram Panchayat covering 63.35 sq. km. area, comprising with 23 Gram Sansads. River Ajay encloses this Gram Panchayat by three sides.

One can visit this Gram Panchayat by train from Howrah & Asansol and by bus from Suri & Durgapur. Though main economy depends on agriculture and fishing but the major commercial activities of Illambazar Block  is done at this Gram Panchayat area. Having high percentage of migrated population, different cultural groups have created a unique cultural as well as social harmony which is rarely seen in other Gram Panchayats of West Bengal. SustainableDevelopment, Peace and Harmony are the salient features of Illambazar Gram Panchayat.

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